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I renamed to tookieclothespins because of reasons. I had to spell it wrong too which was sad. I'm still the same! Be my friend. I always love talking about the show so message me!


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How Many Books From "Gilmore Girls" Have You Read? 

Rory Gilmore read a helluva lot of books - so how many have you read?

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Anonymous said:
So how do people feel about Lane getting pregnant so soon after she got married? I can't help but be a little bitter about it because she was going to be a drummer, like she risked and sacraficed everything for her dream and then she has the babies and has to take care of them while Zack gets to go be a rock star? Like I'm sure she's happy to be a mom and maybe she'll get another chance at drumming some day but ???

It was a little disappointing that her story line went there. I’d like to see a young couple on television married and not have to be pregnant or get pregnant so soon. I don’t think Lane would just quit everything to be a mom though because of what she went through with her mom to break out of what was expected. What do other people think?

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Though personally I think a lot of Demerol also went into that decision.

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Gilmore Girls alternative opening credits.

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